Slate Roofing Made Easy – Choosing The Right Tools And Materials

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Slate Roofing

If you want to install your own slate roof it is highly advisable that you do some research study in advance. Preparation is the key to success, so prior to you begin ensure you are experienced about slate types, their production strategies, sheathing, flashing, nailing and materials along with slate roofing tools.

First of all, inspect that your roof is suitable for the setup of a slate roof. Slate roofings need to not be installed listed below a slope of 4:12 (4 feet of increase on 12 feet of run). If your roof meets this requirement, offer some believed to getting proper slating tools and to purchasing the slates and other materials you will need for the job. Or if you’d rather not worry about the hassle then we recommend giving Amalfi Roofing in Melbourne a call and they’ll take care of the whole slate roofing work for you!


Get the proper slating tools and use them. Your basic toolkit needs to consist of a slate ripper, a slate cutter and a slate hammer. When cutting slates, utilize a slate cutter not a diamond saw. The former will develop a bevelled edge on the slate which matches the appearance of all other slates, whereas a diamond blade produces a square edge which keeps an eye out of location.


Not all slates are produced equal and you desire the ideal slates for your roof. When choosing slates consider the type, quality, size and density and their implications for your work. For example, thick slates are harder to cut while little slates take longer to set up as there will be more of them.

Make sure the slates have the nail holes in the right location. The holes must be positioned in such a way that you can get the nails in simply above the head of the underlying slate. If the nail holes are too low, you’ll be nailing right through the head of the underlying slate and you ought to never do that as it can produce leaks.

Order the ideal quantity of slates. You need to work out your head lap in advance and order enough slates to accommodate this. It is best to purchase starter course slates separately. You desire the nail holes for your starter course only along the top and on the front of the slate.


Slate Nails

Usage good nails. Slate nails must be aluminium or stainless-steel. In seaside locations copper nails are preferable and in serious conditions silicon-bronze nails are best.

Utilize the right nail length. Your nails must just permeate the roof deck boards when installing them. This is very important due to the fact that if the they are too long, they will go right through the boards, breaking and splintering the wood at the back. This will reduce the boards’ density as well as the holding power of the nails.

Decking products

The decking materials under the slate should last a minimum of as long as the slates themselves, so you have to choose products that are resilient enough, different type of slate roofing like heritage slate roofing by Amalfi Roofing would require different products to properly secure the tiles. Tried and tested materials that meet this requirement include wood boards and battens varying from 20 to 40mm in thickness. They might be rough-sawn, scheduled or of tongue-in-groove type. Other resilient decking materials are concrete that can be nailed and plaster. Avoid plywood or laminated wood.


Slate roofings do not really need underlay. Underlay essentially just needs to stay out the water till the slate tiles and the flashings are installed. It also offers a surface for your chalk lines. A single layer of 30lb felt suffices in many cases.

Flashing product

Use great flashing product. Copper, stainless-steel or sheet lead are all suitable. The product you utilize need to be heavier on valleys and seamless gutters than on ridges or chimney flashings.

If you give sufficient consideration to all these matters, you will be well prepared for the real installation of the roof.

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