What is the role of proper integration of keywords in the website?

Whenever we want to have any kind of information related to anything we look forward to search engines. We will find plenty of information available on websites and social media regarding everything. Listing of the content like which one will appear on the top depends on the ranking of the content. Content ranking is decided by the search engine-the more relevant information is for the users, the more ranking it will get.  Integration of right keywords plays a very important role in the listing of your content. Right keywords leads to appropriate and well created content which can be helpful in improving its ranking.

Integrating the wrong keywords can be a nightmare that can ruin its search engine ranking. This will be not at all beneficial from the business point of view. In addition to this it can make your content appear down in the listing.

Points to remember while inserting keywords

Over loading

Over stuffing of keywords is not at all good from any point of view. If it is considered that inserting more keywords will enhance the quality of the content then this is not at all true rather it will ruin its quality. In addition to that Google algorithm can penalize you for repetition of keywords. Integrating keywords is not so easy that can be inserted anywhere. It has to be limited to such specific areas like in the titles of the blogs or articles, anchor text, first paragraph etc.

Density of keywords

If you will think that insertation of more keywords will augment its importance and make the content valuable, this is not correct. Over stuffing of key words can lead to loss of interest of the customers. Repetition of keywords can make the audience feel bored. Using it again and again can be penalized by Google algorithms.

Main step of integrating the keyword is writer should be qualified enough to restrict the density of the keywords to 2-3% of the total content. This will be the perfect density for any type of content.  This is also not necessary that for completion of that 2-3% you will insert them even if it is not required at that place. Just go with the natural flow and keyword should always match with the text. It should not be irrelevant and insensible from the reader’s point of view.

Length of the content

Content should be of appropriate length, not so long and not so short. Although it depends on the topic, product or service regarding which the text is written. A meaningful blog or article plays an important role in attracting the customers. Too short text can sound complete and can be due to lack of information. Too long text can lose the interest of the audience.  If you want properly keyword inserted article you can have your website linked with blogs and attach no. of articles as per your convenience.

Relevant and informative text

To bind the customers with the text depends on the relevancy and genuinity of the text. it should be informative enough to prove to be fruitful and worthy. For innovative and creative write you can hire the services of expert writers. Fresh, new and updated blog provides adequate information to the users.