Make workspaces professional with office cleaning services in Melbourne

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Office cleaning is a very broad term and different businesses require different types of cleaning services, depending on their needs and requirements. Certain offices require specific cleaning products, equipment and several trained staffs. So, before choosing the office cleaning services in Melbourne, you need to decide the type of services you want for your office.

You also need to decide whether you require services like sanitary waste disposal in Melbourne or hard floor cleaning services or any other types of services. For more information regarding the different types of office cleaning services, keep reading.

General office cleaning

General office cleaning services involve a wide range of services such as cleaning and dusting the chairs, desks, tables, kitchen countertops, and bathrooms. It also involves mopping and vacuuming all the floors, removing all the dirty dishes and cups in the dishwasher, wiping all the door frames, switches, and many more. The general office cleaning services make sure they provide an office space that is free from dust and germs and make the office area smell good for the working people. Additionally, general cleaning will also involve services like sanitary waste disposal in Melbourne and removal of trash bags, making the area women-friendly.

Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is another popular office cleaning service in Melbourne. In large office space, it is not possible to clean all the carpets every day. Areas like cabins and conference rooms might not get as many footsteps daily as compared to the open work area like receptions and common working area. So the less visited area does not need daily cleaning because of a lesser amount of dust and dirt particles. Office cleaning services in Melbourne offer periodic and daily carpet cleaning services as a part of commercial cleaning services, depending on the area of the office.

Commercial kitchen cleaning

Some of the companies who are running restaurants and cafes decide to hire professional kitchen cleaning services. The kitchen is one of the most essential parts of the office that needs to be clean and hygiene. Certain types of stains, food splashes, and grease get accumulated on the countertops and walls that can only be removed with the help of professional cleaners and the products used by them.

Industrial cleaning

Another type of cleaning required is industrial cleaning, which is possible only with the help of trained cleaning products and staffs. Industrial cleaning is a little more dangerous as compared to general office cleaning because it is done in factories and manufacturing units with machinery and where there are chances of accidents. Industrial cleaning involves a little extra pay because of the risk involved.

Window cleaning

Window cleaning is another common area that needs to be looked after in any offices. Window cleaning is different from office cleaning, so you’ll need to hire someone separately. Window cleaning involves both inside and outside cleaning. Not everyone can perform this job. You need to hire some professional cleaners who have the complete knowledge about the products and how to perform the window cleaning service.

Walls and tiles cleaning

Walls and tiles are also a part of the office that requires monthly or yearly cleaning. The dirt particles and germs get accumulated on the walls that may lead to several diseases. The kitchen tiles, washroom tiles needs professional cleaning.


The above-mentioned are some common types of services offered by the office cleaning companies in Melbourne. If you need services like sanitary waste disposal in Melbourne, kitchen cleaning, and any other types of cleaning services, contact Greenkleen Australia- a reputed cleaning company.

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