How Often Should You Clean Your Roof?

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One question that many homeowners find themselves asking is how often should I clean my roof? The answer is that it depends on each individual home. The factors that need consideration when answering this question are location, roof types, and type of cleaning. The answer to the question differs based on the location of the home; for example, the answer would be different if a person lives in Melbourne, Australia or Hawaii, as the climates are vastly different. The type of roof the house also plays a vital role in knowing how often the roof needs cleaning. The type of cleaning that you use is a factor in figuring out how often the roof needs cleaning.


If you live in Melbourne, Australia, then you probably already know that the climate can be conducive to the growth of moss and lichen. However, you might not know that the moss and lichen can grow on your roof as well, that’s why you want to make sure that when you’re getting your house renovated that you get in touch with a proper property renovation expert in Melbourne. You should check your roof once a year for signs of moss and lichen growth; a little bit is okay, but once it starts to build up it is time for a cleaning. If you want to reduce how often, you need to clean your roof then make sure to keep all trees and plant life trimmed so that there is nothing hanging over your roof to provide the shade needed for the moss and lichen to flourish.

If you live in Hawaii you know that the hot climate is very conducive to the growth of mildew and algae which can also grow on your roof. Much like moss and lichen in Melbourne, Australia, a little bit is okay, but once it starts to build up you know it is time to get your roof a good cleaning.

Roof Type

The main deciding factor in figuring out when it is time to climb the latter and clean the roof yourself or hire a roof restoration service by Big Apple Roofing is the type of roof your house has. A roof constructed from brushed concrete tile has a slow dry time and thus needs frequent cleaning; these roofs require cleaning every two years to keep them clean and safe. Roofs made from flat concrete tile, barrel tile, and still tend to have a coating which helps to protect them; this protection means the roof will only need cleaning every five years. Roofs that use asphalt composite shingle do not retain water and they dry quickly meaning that a cleaning only needs to happen every seven years.

Type of Cleaning

The types of cleaning you use will also play a part in deciding how often your roof needs cleaning or any other part of your home, whether that be the kitchen or the bathroom, when you’re doing kitchen renovations by Melbourne Property Makeovers, they’ll make sure that all projects use special materials that will protect your home from moss and lichen from the roof to even the kitchen. For instance, if you decide to use a pressure cleaning and your roof has any kind of finish on the cleaning will erode the finish which will force you to then clean your roof more often to prevent mould from forming. If you live in Melbourne, Australia, you might be aware of moss and lichen cleaning with biodegradable products. Choosing biodegradable products for roof cleaning allows the finish on your roof to remain intact longer which allows you to use less frequent roof cleanings. If you live in Hawaii you might already be aware of the biodegradable roof cleaning for milder and algae which offer the same advantages.


There is no one answer to how often you should clean your roof because all roofs, climates, and cleanings offer different advantages and disadvantages ultimately altering the answer, roof gutter replacement though is a different story and are generally identifiable wherever you go. However, if you know the location of your house, the roof type, and the cleaning method then you should be able to figure out how often your roof will need a cleaning.

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